The Great Sex Addiction Debate: Me vs. Dan Savage










Author and sex advice columnist Dan Savage is often right, but not when it comes to sex addiction. Check out our recent radio debate on Michelangelo Signorile’s radio program.

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  • If a guy wants to have an affair, that is not sex addiction. If he wants to have multiple affairs, that is not sex addiction.

    If Tiger is getting his head filled with this type of BS, this is crazy. Has anyone thought that there may be a compatibility issue in the bedroom? Do we know if Elin is taking care of Tiger? I mean what else does she have to do?

    It happens all the time, even to people that have kids. If so, there is no shame in that – Tiger is a man. Get over it!!!

    As we get older our preferences change. What he thought was good for him at 26, may not be what he wants at 34.

    What is happening to him is called – Life!

  • When I heard the news from reading the scroller on ESPN I was so happy to hear this news! I’ve been saying for 2 months I hoped he choose this and the place in MS was the first one that came to mind. I really hope he can get his life turned around.

    It is also very sad to me that so many are as lost as this poster above me. He sounds like I did during my marriage when my ex-wife wasn’t “taking care” of me. It’s such selfish thinking that gets relationship into real trouble.

    Let me explain this to you tv coach. If a guy finds his worth through sexual contact and attention, then it’s an addiction. Rarely does someone get into this much trouble with this many women if that’s not what’s going on. Because only something that affects us so deeply can cause us to risk so much.

    Go Tiger, I’m proud of you and I hope you get it all turned around!

  • We are still Puritans. Even those who reject the concept of sex addiction do so in response to Puritanism, so that all sex is pretty much positive in their eyes. But when you are risking it all, including sleeping with prostitutes and porn actresses without a condom, and coming home to your wife and not using condoms (as evidenced by Mrs. Woods’ two children) then something is very wrong. When you are in a revolving series of “relationships” at varying stages of development, then something might not be right–when you are also married. There were too many women who thought they were the only “other” woman. Why the need to manipulate so many? Why the need to lie to so many? Woods is a classic S & LA.

  • Hey Benoit,
    i wanted to check out your debate
    you had but you didnt put a link anywhere and i have never heard od the radio show you mentioned, its a shame i think i would have enjoyed your chat.
    cheers Kev

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